Hot Ice is on fire

04 Jun 2015

Blackpool’s glitziest show is back, with all that you’d expect from the Hot Ice team. From the get go, audiences are captivated by dazzling stunts, tricks, flips and spins from the international cast. And that’s without even considering the thousands of feathers, sequins and rhinestones, that gleam reflecting the bright white ice. With nearly 80 years of show skating heritage to live up to, the Pleasure Beach-based team once more delights.


Stunning routines see the 25-strong cast flow non-stop from formations into solo and duo pieces, where spectacular speciality moves leave you gasping at their dare-devil
antics. Cranking up the pre-show atmosphere, the clattering of skates plays in the background at The Arena, before American skater Michael Chau opens the show, drawing out the rest of the cast from tunnels and stairways around the theatre.


Among the new highlights for the 2015 Desire show, once more produced and directed by Pleasure Beach managing director Amanda Thompson, is a beautiful version of Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue, arranged specially for the show.

In a change from skintight body suits, the women appear to float out of the ice in cool turquoise chiffon dresses, hitting the syncopations in the music throughout the choreography, by Oula Jaaskelainen and Lynsey Brown.

Russian pair Daria Perminova and Evgenii Belianin provide breathtaking moments throughout the show, perhaps none more so than super-speed spins with Daria either precariously balanced on his head or a single up-stretched arm.

And Blackpool’s own Katie Stainsby, a Hot Ice veteran, gave a well-received duo with Swiss skater Oscar Peter, who also opened a great jazz-inspired sequence.


Much of the second act was dominated by a Latin dance-led sequence, with flamenco and tango featuring, translating from the ballroom to the ice rink with ease, and perhaps where all the elements came together at their best – music, movement, costume and performance were all completely aligned and quite mesmirising.

With dancing fountains, snow fall and Stageworks’ regular, pole and silks artist Alexey Kofanov providing additional visual treats, you need to see Hot Ice to truly appreciate everything that’s going on at times.


So get in soon and make the most of the coolest show in town.

* Hot Ice, The Arena, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, until Saturday, September 5. Call 0871 222 9090 or visit for tickets.